Thursday, June 9, 2011


This is unsurprising:
[Merritt Hawkins]’s annual report on recruiting incentives finds that 74% of the jobs they recruited for in the year ending March 31 featured a performance bonus. Of those that offered such a bonus, in 90% of the cases it was linked to “fee-for-service style volume.”

Meantime, fewer than 7% of the jobs offering bonuses rewarded physicians for meeting quality or cost goals. “Volume/production remains the standard,” the report says, despite the fact that “health reform encourages the use [of] quality or cost-based compensation metrics.”

This is, of course, the type of incentive we'd like to see go away in a better health care world.

One thing I think would be interesting to learn from this report are the geographic concentrations and to what extent doctors with such incentives are concentrated in high-cost areas. The "duh" result is yes, but always nice to see that confirmed.

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