Saturday, July 9, 2011

Congratulations, But Sarcasm

So a few days ago, this headline was blared:

Now, 3,000 hits is quite the feat and deserves congratulations. Nevertheless, the aggression with which we're being told to respect Derek Jeter is more than a bit patronizing, as if we can't be trusted to respect Derek Jeter on his own. I mean, "RESPECT DEREK JETER" is right up there with these sentences:

"It's time to respect Michael Jordan."
"It's time to respect the troops."
"It's time to respect our firefighters."
"It's time to respect our police officers."
"It's time to respect our new alien overlords."

There is no one on the You Ess of Ehh that has not been informed about the necessity of respecting Derek Jeter, and I doubt there's anyone who doesn't have at least a smidgen, a soupcon, a mite of respect for Derek Jeter. So why are we being informed, over and over, that we must respect Derek Jeter? Don't we have at least a bit of intelligence?*

* the RESPECT DEREK JETER campaign is eerily similar to the RESPECT KOBE BRYANT campaign, in that you sense sportswriters are a beleaguered group searching for human beings who fit the archetype from which they can propagandize endlessly from, as they were endlessly propagandized by their sportswriters in the forms of the same archetypes. (And what's a sportswriter but the truest believer, anyway?) So they have to force people into their archetypes and ignore flaws: i.e. that Bryant and Jeter, while both very good players and among the best players to play their games, are nowhere near as good as sportswriters' limited yet creatively exaggerating imagination would have them be.

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