Sunday, July 3, 2011


On Greece—James Surowiecki on tax dodging; on the wider effects to the Euro; on how Greek government debt will be like a CDO.

Decent story on ACOs.

Chinese corruption and official support of certain charities has apparently sparked Chinese distrust of philanthropy. Also: ominous signs in Chinese debt for local governments.

Big banks are preemptively reducing loan sizes…while other people can’t get a modification.

Some interesting stuff on data overload.

Didn’t realize the loopholes in Prop 13:
Even if an owner sells his entire interest in a piece of commercial real estate, the property is not reassessed if no single entity acquires more than a half-ownership stake. It is easy for corporations to structure deals to avoid a tax increase.
Apparently they’re lobbying to get that changed. Personally, wouldn’t mind the entire thing being abolished, along with the entire proposition system.

Congestion pricing—not coming to an American city near you.

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