Saturday, July 9, 2011


Developed-world deleveraging will take an awfully long time.

How to reduce the costs of universities.

China appears to be getting a big appetite for corn.

Shelia Bair’s exit interview in the NYT Magazine supposedly is excellent; haven’t yet read it.

NYT writers’ fiction recommendations. Some are strange (Jaws), some are a bit surprising (if you had to guess one Gabriel Garcia Marquez book that would be recommended, it’d be the sublime One Hundred Years of Solitude or the slightly-less-sublime Love in the Time of Cholera, but no—it is “Strange Pilgrims,” which I have never even heard of.)

40 people die in Mexico at the hands of drug gangs.

Looks like Pakistan v. the U.S. government is escalating, particularly over this dead-journalist contretemps.

When theories go wrong: automatic enrollment in 401(k)s decrease saving.

What summer camp inflation tells us about education.

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